‘For a successful COP, Alok Sharma needs to be the DJ’

COP20 President said that Alok Sharma’s role is to build confidence among the leaders to achieve what is needed

Pathway to COP26 report

Hey DJ spin that tune! It’s time for the greatest hits according to  Alok Sharma 

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal. former COP President has said the COP26 President must be a DJ and build confidence to guarantee a successful outcome of the climate change conference, which will be held later this year in Glasgow.

Mr Pulgar-Vidal said: “For Alok Sharma, his role is that of a music mixer. It’s as if he has in front of him a console with different buttons and the combination and use of these buttons is going to produce a beautiful song or sound.”

Speaking at the Ethical Finance Summit, COP20 President explained that COP presidency should build the confidence to achieve what is needed.

He added: “We shouldn’t think COP26 will simply reproduce what was achieved at COP21.

“It is a different time and we have a different task at hand. Now is the time to implement the Paris Agreement and achieve the objectives.”

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