Oil deals at climate talks? UAE’s COP28 plans leaked

Leaked documents reveal that the UAE planned to utilise its role as the host of COP28 to engage in oil and gas deals with at least 15 nations

UN: World must slash emissions 42% by 2030 for Paris 1.5°C goal

While progress has been made since 2015, carbon dioxide emissions rose by 1.2% last year, according to a United Nations report

King Charles to attend COP28

The King is set to attend the World Climate Action Summit at COP28 UAE at the invitation of the UAE President and will deliver an opening address

UK’s £160m green boost for developing nations

This financial support is expected to accelerate the development and deployment of green technologies

Planet burns: Hottest three months on record

Earth has experienced its hottest three-month period on record, as reported by the European Union-funded Copernicus Climate Change Service

Japan begins releasing Fukushima treated radioactive water into Pacific Ocean

Japan has started releasing treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, sparking global concerns and opposition due to potential environmental impacts

New IPCC boss: “Energy consumption is the UK’s biggest challenge of net zero”

In a recent interview, Jim Skea reflected on the swift rise of the net zero concept, which gained popularity after the IPCC’s 1.5°C report

UN says oil and gas delegates have to disclose ties at summits

More than 600 fossil fuel employees were present at COP27

UN: ‘Climate hot spots put 3.5bn people at risk’

Climate change “fuels conflict” and leads to “dwindling resources,” the Security Council was told

UN Chief: ‘Fast-track net zero to 2040’

That’s in light of the findings of the latest IPCC report