US in search of willing communities to host nuclear waste storage sites

Cities that could host nuclear waste storage facilities are invited to discover the benefits of such infrastructure

UN hails nuclear as the lowest carbon electricity source

Nuclear power generates less carbon dioxide emissions over its lifecycle than any other electricity source, according to a new report

COP26 Live: New draft agreement unveiled with ‘weakened’ reference to fossil fuels

Campaigners said key lines in the new draft on fossil fuel subsidies need to be strengthened

COP26 Live: Glasgow conference caught off guard as US and China join forces on climate

The world’s two biggest polluters have agreed to work together on reducing emissions and keeping the Paris Agreement-aligned temperature limit within reach

COP26 Live: Industry reacts to Glasgow draft agreement

Campaigners claim that the first Glasgow Agreement draft is “exceptionally weak”

COP26 Live: Fashion industry renews climate commitments

Fashion companies have committed to halving their emissions by 2030

UN makes a plea “to step up or face huge disruption”

The climate adaptation policies are still far behind and their cost could reach $300 billion a year by 2030, the UN Environment Programme estimates

China claims Xi Jinping ‘was not offered a chance for video speech at COP26’

China blames the COP26 organisers for not giving an opportunity for video link method

COP26 Live: UN Chief says “stop treating nature like toilet”

The UN Secretary-General suggests a potential failure of climate talks could mean a “death sentence” for several countries

COP26 Live: Boris Johnson urges world leaders to act now as “it’s one minute to midnight”

In the COP26 opening ceremony later today, the Prime Minister will commit to increasing the climate finance to £1 billion by 2025