Nearly 15% of customers ‘actively aim to change suppliers every year’

A new report finds that just one-in-ten customers feel valued by their utility provider

The Big Zero report

Almost 15% of utility customers are actively aiming to change their providers every year.

A new report by the brand loyalty agency Ello suggests just one-in-ten people feel valued as a customer by their utility providers.

The survey of more than 2,000 customers also shows price, reliability, good customer service, discounts and deals are having the biggest impact on a customer’s decision to stay with a supplier.

The research also highlights one-fifth of customers want brands to take an active stance on environmental issues with nearly 16% caring about using ‘greener’ energy providers.

In addition, more than one-fifth say they would leave a brand if they engaged in unethical practices.

A quarter of customers would leave if they found out they mistreated employees in terms of payments and long working hours, the survey suggests.

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