How tall is the UK’s onshore wind future?

The construction of the ‘UK’s tallest’ onshore wind farm that will feature 200-metre-tall wind turbines has started in Lanarkshire

Big Zero Report 2022

Construction work for what is described as the UK’s tallest onshore wind farm kickstarted in Lanarkshire in Scotland.

The project, which is an extension to the Kype Muir wind farm, will be fitted with 200 metre-tall turbines.

Once commissioned, will bring the combined installed capacity to 155MW.

That is predicted to be enough to meet the annual electricity needs of around 112,000 homes or a city larger than Aberdeen.

The scheme is scheduled to go live by the end of next year, its developer Banks Renewables said.

Richard Dunkley, Managing Director at Banks Renewables, said: “This is a landmark project for both ourselves and the wider Scottish renewable energy sector as we continue to increase our contribution to the UK’s journey towards net zero and COP26.”

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