Hospitality businesses face ‘extortionate exit fees’ as energy prices surge, Ofgem told

Night-time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester has called on Ofgem to launch an investigation into the providers who are charging “exorbitant prices” for gas and electricity

Ofgem extends market stabilisation charge

The measure was introduced last year in response to a surge in gas and electricity prices

Fresh call for social energy tariff

Charities have warned millions could be pushed into fuel poverty in April when the Energy Price Guarantee will be reduced

Ofgem urged to probe “worst-behaving” energy suppliers

Businesses in the hospitality sector have been treated in a “disgraceful” way, UKHospitality has said

Suppliers should be banned from ‘forcing’ customers onto prepayment meters

An industry expert said forcefully switching a customer without exhausting all options is “rare”

Energy companies allegedly reject taking on new customers

Energy firms have been subjected to increasing scrutiny over potential breaches of one or more conditions of their licence

Households to be offered extra cash for turning off appliances

Consumers could soon be rewarded for choosing to run a dishwasher at certain times of the day, under new National Grid ESO’s plans

Businesses likely to see energy bills increase fivefold in October

New analysis suggests higher energy costs could force more business closures that would cripple the economy

McDermott secures largest renewable energy project

The 980MW offshore converter platform will be built 118 miles offshore from Germany

Nearly 15% of customers ‘actively aim to change suppliers every year’

A new report finds that just one-in-ten customers feel valued by their utility provider