Veolia improves efficiency in massive UK heat network with AI

The AI tool improves efficiency in the heating system by using real-time data to cut peak loads by 20% and boost heat delivery by 25%

Veolia, in collaboration with Sheffield City Council, is introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise the efficiency of Sheffield’s District Energy Network.

Operating since 1988, the network supplies energy from the Sheffield Energy Recovery Facility to over 125 buildings.

The AI system, utilising a data-driven thermohydraulic modelling tool, aims to reduce peak loads by up to 20% and increase heat delivery by 25%.

By processing real-time data and predicting demand and weather patterns, the technology enhances network performance.

Donald Macphail, Chief Operating Officer – Treatment, at Veolia, said: “In the UK, almost half of the final energy consumed is used as heat, and the domestic, commercial and public sectors account for two-thirds of this consumption for space heating and water heating.

“As we move to reduce climate impact we need to decarbonise these important heat requirements, and district heating systems are a proven technology to help reduce this carbon footprint.”

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