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‘We need radical change to ensure a safe future for our children’

We spoke to activist Grahame Buss of Just Stop Oil at International Energy Week who told us that the government is failing in its duties towards the public

We’re not trying to be popular, we’re trying to bring about change.

This is what Grahame Buss, Spokesperson for Just Stop Oil, told us at the International Energy Week.

‘Our government is failing to inform the public of how serious the climate change is, which means that our children’s futures will be in jeopardy.

‘So we are taking on the role that the government should be taking on, which is informing the public of the seriousness of the issues we face.’

Grahame said that in his opinion the COP28 conference held last year was a failure in his opinion.

He said: ‘There’s a reason that it is the twenty-eighth, it is because they have failed.

‘It’s all about ambition and nothing about action. Let’s also not forget that two and a half thousand people there were from the oil and gas sector.

‘The oil and gas sector is actively working to slow down the transition because their primary interest is survival and profit.’

Watch the interview below.

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