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UK Power Networks platform speeds up approval for low carbon tech installers

UK Power Networks has introduced a new system to speed up the approval process for low carbon technology installations, allowing more than 90% of applications to be approved instantly

UK Power Networks has developed a new API bridge designed to expedite the connection process for low carbon technology (LCT) installers.

This initiative follows the 2022 launch of the Smart Connect platform, which provided instant approvals for most new electric vehicle charge points and solar panels within their service areas in London, the East, and South East.

Supporting the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) Connect Direct platform, the new API bridge centralises the application process for LCT installers nationwide.

This system links the Connect Direct platform directly to UK Power Networks’ Smart Connect system, enabling seamless communication between the two.

Installers across the UK can now use a single portal for all their applications, avoiding the need to contact individual distribution network operators for different regions.

Each application submitted through Connect Direct is automatically routed to the appropriate operator’s system, simplifying and accelerating the approval process.

UK Power Networks has been approving 86% of domestic connection enquiries, a figure that has risen to over 90% with the introduction of Connect Direct.

This improvement is expected to encourage wider adoption of low carbon technologies.

The platform offers auto-approval for most domestic connection applications within minutes and allows approvals for up to 5kW of solar and battery storage, compared to the industry standard of 3.68kW.

Over the past year, this system has facilitated an additional 12,000 approvals, generating over 16 megawatts of green energy, enough to power more than 10,000 homes.

Suleman Alli director of Finance, Customer Service and Technology at UK Power Networks, said: “Speeding up the connections process for installers will help our customers make active progress towards heading green and hopefully inspire more people to make the step to sustainable technologies.

“In a little over two years, since the launch of our Smart Connect portal, we’ve seen applications for domestic batteries and solar installations rise over 700%. With Connect Direct, that number is only going to rise.”

Mohammed Mirza, head of Delivery and Customer Care at Evergen Solar said: “Our collaboration with this software marks a pivotal moment in the renewable industry.

“Previously, these application confirmations took an average of two to four weeks depending on your network operator.

“Now, 80% of applications receive approval within five minutes of submission, significantly reducing waiting times for our valued customers and ensuring their systems are registered.”

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