UK Power Networks launches the DSO

How will it help consumers and what does it mean for the grid?

National Grid builds new London substation

The project is expected to help balance voltage on the network

UKPN named Britain’s most admired company in energy distribution and supply sector

UK Power Networks has won the Most Admired Company award in the Energy Distribution & Supply sector, beating out competitors in 13 criteria

UK Power Networks aims to create Silicon Valley of energy

UK Power Networks has secured funding from Ofgem to carry out 15 projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions

Electricity grid workers put down their picket signs after accepting offer

Around 1,300 electricity grid workers in London and the South East and East of England have cancelled their planned pay strikes

Wimbledon wins the energy match!

UK Power Networks has refurbished a 19th-century electricity substation

UK Power Networks launches biggest-ever flexibility tender

UKPN has launched a Flexibility Tender that could potentially unlock more than 500MW of capacity, equivalent to 300,000 homes over the next three years

Brixton bus garage gets electric boost

UK Power Networks has finished work at Arriva Brixton to enable new electric buses to charge overnight

More support for decommissioning of Wylfa nuclear power station

A new electrical overlay system will be built by UK Power Networks Services to ensure the decommissioning work progresses well

UKPN launches group to drive EV uptake

This group will try to help businesses wanting to decarbonise but unsure of how to start