Salford citizens to have their homes turned carbon-neutral for free

Successful applicants will receive up to £50,000 to retrofit their homes to a high green standard

New 52MW solar plant in Kenya powered up

The Malindi Solar plant, a partnership between British-headquartered firm Globeleq and Africa Energy Development Corporation, is generating enough green electricity to power around 250,000 homes a year

How could gas crisis put net zero investments at risk?

More than a third of business leaders are thinking of cancelling or postponing green investments, according to a new survey

Government unveils new green building rules

Homes, offices and shops need to produce around 30% fewer emissions than current standards

Renewable energy firm’s Christmas party blamed for Covid-19 Omicron outbreak

The corporate event was allegedly a super spreader event of the new coronavirus variant in Oslo, Norway

Renewables, a class act!

Technology previously used in large-scale wind farms promises to offer decarbonisation solutions for schools

Pairing agriculture and livestock farming with solar PV awarded cash boost

Solar photovoltaic projects built to reduce the stress of tomato plants and protect vineyards have secured support from Iberdrola

Ofgem: Young energy customers more likely to install low carbon tech at home

Almost 42% of 16-24-year-olds have at least one low carbon and smart technology at home, according to a new survey

China to recycle 150k tonnes of CO2 to make solar panel materials

The plant’s annual use of CO2 will equal the effect of taking 53,000 polluting cars off the roads

US aims for community solar to power five million homes by 2025

Consumers are estimated to save a total of $1bn on their energy bills