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SSE’s power plant sets efficiency world record

Keadby 2 power plant has achieved Guinness World Records for efficiency and power

SSE’s Keadby 2 power plant, located in North Lincolnshire, UK, has secured two Guinness World Records for its efficiency and power output.

Verified in May 2024, the plant boasts a 64.18% efficiency rate, making it the most efficient combined cycle power plant globally.

Additionally, it holds the record for the most powerful combined cycle plant with an output of 849.45MW.

The original coal-fired power station at Keadby operated from 1952 to 1984 with a generating capacity of 360MW.

Following this, the gas-fired power station Keadby 1 was commissioned in 1996.

Keadby 2, which set a world record for efficiency, began commercial operation on 15th March 2023, after a construction period of four and a half years.

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