Germany urged to create a national gas reserve

The head of the country’s network regulator has said there are gas supply worries that need to be addressed for the coming winter season 2023/24

Shell reportedly held talks to sell its Norwegian oil and gas fields

The move could have supported the energy giant’s ambition to focus investments on low carbon technologies

More than 600k US children suffer from asthma caused by gas stove use

Gas stoves emit toxic chemicals that put people at risk of severe health effects, new study suggests

UK should not be building Sizewell C, says energy boss

A nationwide rollout of small nuclear reactors has been hailed as a “nightmare” by Dale Vince

Businesses hit back at new government energy bill support package

While some welcomed the new scheme, other business groups feel disappointed at the reduced level of support

How much will Bulb’s collapse add to your energy bills?

Experts say the cost of Bulb’s collapse will likely drop as energy prices fall

Government predicted to have saved £260m as Britons slashed gas usage

It is estimated that there was a reduction in residential gas demand of 6.1TWh last month

‘EU customers are cutting gas usage faster than Britons’

European countries such as Germany are leading the way in slashing their demand for gas, according to a new report

Accounting giant to ‘shut offices for two weeks to reduce energy costs’

Reports claim that PwC will close most of its 19 UK offices in a bid to cut energy consumption

Council knitting blankets to help people struggling with energy bills

A local authority in Derbyshire has confirmed that its staff are knitting blankets to help keep people warm this winter