Charities Overcharged VAT on Energy Bills

Charities will have paid up to £78 million in unnecessary tax this year because almost half of them are unaware that energy used for ‘non-business’ purposes is subject to a reduced 5% VAT rate and exempt from the Climate Change Levy. Charities, which are billed in much the same way as businesses for gas and […]

Cost Forces SMEs To Raid Family Silver

Cost & credit headache forces SMEs to ‘raid family silver’ •47% of UK small business owners inject personal cash into their company to stay afloat •Average amount borrowed from personal sources is £20,400 •27% of entrepreneurs forced to turn to friends and family for a loan as banks look the other way •13% of SME […]

Businesses should know contract end dates to avoid energy price hikes

With gas and electricity prices on the rise again in 2011, the hikes suffered by people who run businesses will be far worse than for homeowners, warns Make It Cheaper. Recently some business bill payers have seen their fixed price tariffs doubling as they come up for renewal at the end of the contract. Dodie […]