Businesses ‘won’t see massive savings’ in retail water market

Businesses should not expect to see massive savings by switching to a different supplier when the retail water market opens next month. That’s the view of Aidan Lupton, Project Manager at energy consultancy BIU, who advises businesses to be wary of brokers that offer great savings. His comment comes as more than 1.2 million eligible […]

Businesses ‘should be given tax incentives to implement ESOS measures’

The government should look into a way of incentivising businesses to encourage them to implement the recommendations of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). That’s the view of Martyn Gilbert, Executive Energy Manager at BIU, who believes ESOS “still seems like an incomplete piece of legislation”. Businesses were required to comply to ESOS by the […]

Capacity Market ‘hasn’t used taxpayers’ money well’

The government scheme that ensures there’s sufficient energy supply to keep the lights on during peak winter periods hasn’t made the best use of taxpayers’ money. That’s the view of Andrew Anderson-Shepherd, Project Manager at BIU, who believes the Capacity Market mechanism doesn’t tackle the energy trilemma as it has failed in supporting cleaner forms […]

Latest Jobs – Customer Service Manager – BIU

Salary £40K to £60K plus benefits We have an excellent opportunity to join BIU as our Customer Service Manager.  This is a brand new role created to maintain and grown the customer relationships within BIU’s Revenue Recovery client base, taking advantage of all cross and upselling opportunities of BIU’s services.  You will have a high […]

Latest Jobs – Head of Energy Consultancy Team – BIU

Salary £65K+ plus benefits We are looking for BIU’s new Head of Energy Consultancy Team, to set the vision of and deliver the strategy of a quality, commercial and innovative energy consultancy service. The ideal candidate will leave the areas of Bureau and Energy Management, including our auditing and technical teams, whilst collaborating with the […]

Taking no ESOS action ‘is worst thing firms can do’

The worst thing businesses can do is take no action when it comes to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Sam Bailey, Resourcing Manager at energy consultancy BIU said “some action is needed” to show the Environment Agency they’re “taking steps and actively seeking somebody to prepare and report for them”. Under ESOS, large businesses […]

Firms ‘must make an effort for possible leniency on ESOS fines’

There could be leniency around fines for those businesses that show they have made an effort under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). That’s the view of Sam Bailey, Resourcing Manager at BIU. She said although the government has yet to publish the full guidance on what will happen if firms don’t get their energy […]

Is P322 a pathway to opportunity?

You may have not noticed it but a big bit of Ofgem regulation was approved in June. P322 is an amendment to the infamous metering change called P272. Neither are new Star Wars characters but they might well have out of this world influence on your business. To understand what it all means ELN caught […]

Latest Jobs – Customer Relationship Manager – BIU

Customer Relationship Manager We have an excellent opportunity to join us as a technical Customer Relationship Manager.  This is a brand new role created to deliver a seamless account management service across the business, taking advantage of all cross and up-selling opportunities across a range of products and services including AMR, ESOS, Procurement, Energy Alarms […]

Consultants speak out about trust

Is the business energy sector healthy? Why is there a lack of  trust between customers and suppliers? Three energy consultants take ELN on a quick spin through today’s issues and how problems with trust will need to be tackled.