US fashion firm gets plastic bottle waste in the bag

Solo New York says just the first run of its Re:cycled Collection will see nearly 90,000 plastic bottles kept out of landfills by turning them into new accessories

Asda proves it’s got the bottle to build plastic-based car park

The trial project at its store in Wakefield aims to explore how the carbon footprint of laying asphalt can be reduced while saving rubbish from landfill

Washing up
South African dishwashing liquid cleans up with 100% recycled bottles

Unilever’s Sunlight brand claims to be the number one selling dishwashing liquid in South Africa

Water way to cut plastic pollution at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Group aims to cut the amount of waste produced at the site

HP proves it’s got the bottle for green printer cartridges

The information technology firm turned more than 8.3m plastic bottles into new electronic equipment and supplies last year

Water way to reduce waste

Harrogate Water’s plastic bottles will be made of at least 50% recycled content by 2018. The company says it has secured enough recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic to achieve this goal. None of the company’s waste currently goes to landfill. The firm says the sustainable credentials of its plastics will soon match its glass bottles, […]

Christmas tree goes green…with plastic bottles!

A Christmas tree made from 600 green plastic bottles has been installed outside Crawley Library. The tree will stand through December and was designed by ‘rubbish artist’ Tracey Graham in 2013 to highlight recycling in West Sussex. The West Sussex Waste Prevention Team attended its unveiling to provide recycling and waste prevention tips for throughout the festive […]

Bottle maker puts cap on energy waste

Plastic bottle manufacturer Constar has signed up with an energy manager to put in place an efficiency strategy across its European operations. Graham Hall, purchasing manager at the firm which makes bottles for Britvic and Coors, said efficiency could make the difference in a “tough” market. Mr Hall said: “We may be a big player […]