King Arthur’s castle at mercy of climate change

English Heritage is looking to raise money to protect many castles in England, as coastal erosion worsens

Blog: would you mind a supplier owning part of your roof?

An Englishman’s home is his castle, so they say. And when they say that, I presume they mean he’ll up the drawbridge as soon as there’s a whiff of invasion. A siege is better than enslavement and all that. When it comes to our friends across the pond, even more so. You own what’s on […]

GSH proves any building can become energy efficient

GSH shows how even a two hundred year old castle in the Outer Hebrides can be made energy efficient.

Hydro power to light up royal residence

Two turbines have been installed on the River Thames and will generate electricity to power Windsor Castle. The two forty-tonne Archimedes screws, the largest in the UK, will generate 300 kilowatts of energy every hour for up to half of the royal residence. The project, which will cost developers Southeast Power Engineering Ltd around £1.7m […]