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New regulations offer compensation and fairer bills for 500,000 heat network customers

New regulations slated for introduction next year aim to bolster consumer protection for families and businesses on heat networks, ensuring compensation for heating outages, fairer pricing and clearer billing

Ministers have unveiled plans to introduce crucial regulations aimed at bolstering consumer rights for over 500,000 households and businesses connected to heat networks across Britain.

The proposed measures, responding to a recent consultation, include provisions for compensation in case of heating loss, fairer pricing and clearer billing.

Once enacted, the regulations will be overseen by Ofgem, with the Energy Ombudsman and consumer advocacy organisations offering support.

Stephen Knight, Director of Heat Trust, said: “These new regulations must achieve tangible improvements in customer experiences in terms of pricing, reliability and customer service if consumers are to gain confidence in district and communal heating systems.”

Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, said: “Heat networks are expected to support millions of households in the years ahead, as families look to cleaner ways to heat their homes.”

Gillian Cooper, Director of Energy at Citizens Advice, said: “It is vital those who rely on a heat network for heat and hot water receive the same level of protection as those on mains gas.

“And, crucially, those on a heat network must receive the same level of protection irrespective of the size or type of the network they are on – particularly as they can’t opt out or switch to a new tariff.”

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