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Energy Secretary urges caution in net zero policies to protect British businesses

Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho will caution against the potential detrimental impact of net zero policies on British businesses in a speech to technology entrepreneurs in London

Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho is set to deliver a speech warning about the risks posed by net zero policies to British businesses.

Speaking at the Innovation Zero conference for technology entrepreneurs in London, Coutinho will emphasise the importance of avoiding a green “leviathan of central planning” and advocate for a market-driven approach to progress towards climate goals.

Ms Coutinho will argue that while the UK has committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the path to achieving this goal should not entail excessive government intervention or burdensome regulations that stifle enterprise.

The Energy Secretary will underscore the need for a balanced approach that addresses emissions while ensuring affordability and reliability for families and businesses.

Ms Coutinho will highlight the role of innovation in driving emissions reduction and stress the importance of maintaining competitiveness in the global market.

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