Britain ‘risks losing £4bn a year nuclear industry’

Nuclear expertise in the UK is under threat as new projects are being given away to foreign companies, a new report claims. It suggests the UK Government needs to do more to ensure British firms benefit from nuclear projects over the coming years else “risk losing its £4 billion a year industry”. The news comes […]

Green policy could cost householders ‘£600 a year’

The move from fossil fuels to green energy could cost British households £600 a year by 2020, according to an industry analyst. A new report by think tank Civitas claims the total price tag of pursuing renewables could rise above £16 billion a year when VAT is included. Dr John Constable (pictured), Director of the […]

Government should scrap renewables target and carbon price plans

The UK Government should ditch its 20% renewables target, scrap its carbon price plans and exempt energy intensive industries (EIIs) from the policies as the nation’s mineral products manufacturing sector is “under threat”. A new article published by Westminster think-tank Civitas, the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, claims the UK has the highest […]

Wind power is ‘inordinately expensive’ says thinktank

Using wind power is hindering Britain’s ability to cut carbon emissions, claims a new report today. On top of this, it suggests wind is by far the most expensive energy source compared with coal, nuclear and gas. The claims come from a report by independent thinktank Civitas which damns Britain’s focus on the renewable energy […]

Emissions trading scheme “profits fat cats not climate” claims report

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme is failing to cut emissions and instead is penalising families and businesses, claims an independent thinktank. The institute for the study of civil society Civitas claims that “finance and energy fat cats” are profiting at the expense of consumers because of flaws in the Europe-wide cape and trade scheme (EU […]

Green Investment Bank is "a straitjacket on enterprise"

The government’s plans for the Green Investment Bank have been dubbed “a false step” by independent thinktank Civitas. In a new report, Civitas said that establishing the bank would give a boost to the low carbon economy at the expense of the rest of UK industry. Civitas said the GIB ” is too restricted and […]