SSE fined £100k for overcharging to switch off

SEE has been hit with a £100,000 bill for overcharging fees at six of its power stations. Energy regulator Ofgem found the Big Six supplier demanded excessively high payments to switch off its hydropower stations when the grid could not cope with their electricity. National Grid pays power stations the so-called “constraint payments” to reduce […]

Payments to turn off fossil fuel stations ‘six times more than wind’

The amount paid to switch off fossil fuel power stations such as coal and gas are “six times greater” than payments made to wind generators. That’s according to the head of trade group Scottish Renewables who is calling for greater transparency around these constraint payments. All types of electricity generation get incentives if they are […]

Businesses could be paid to use wind power at night

Major energy users in the UK could be paid to use excess wind power during off-peak hours under plans being explored by National Grid. Reports claim it could save the company millions of pounds in the so-called “constraint payments” as businesses are currently paid to shut down wind farms at times of low demand, particularly […]