Consumers could pay for new UK nuclear plants in advance

The government is consulting on a new financing model to attract ‘significant’ private investment for future nuclear projects

Charging utilities for roadworks ‘could increase consumer bills’

Allowing local authorities in England to charge utility firms by the hour to carry out roadworks on selected routes could increase consumer bills. That’s the view of Street Works UK, the trade body for utilities and their contractor partners on road work issues, which is warning against the government proposals. It argues lane rental schemes […]

17 years of pain ahead from domestic energy bills – National Audit Office

Domestic energy customers can expect 17 years of pain from bill rises according to a new report from the National Audit Office (NAO). It points to estimates of a £221 increase in the average household energy bill between 2013 and 2030 in real terms. One of the NAO’s jobs is to report on how well […]

Microwave efficiency standards to save $3bn on US energy bills

New energy efficiency standards for microwave ovens could help US householders save nearly $3 billion (£1.96bn) on their energy bills by 2030. The US Department of Energy suggests the standards would cut energy usage in standby mode by 75% in microwave ovens without convection features, i.e. one that doesn’t include a fan and by 51% […]

Ed Davey: Energy Bill will cut consumer bills

Energy Secretary Ed Davey denied claims that consumer bills will rise under new proposals announced today. Mr Davey introduced the much-delayed Energy Bill at a Parliamentary session and said the Bill would see consumers pay less for energy in the long run. He stressed the new legislation will protect consumers, keep the lights on and […]