Japan to dispose of 1.2m tonnes of Fukushima nuclear power plant water into the ocean

Japan’s Prime Minister said disposal of treated water is an ‘unavoidable issue’

INEOS sets sights on fourth hand sanitiser plant

The new plant is set to open in 10 days in northeast France and will help meet the needs of France and Belgium alike

More environmental checks to be conducted at Grenfell Tower site

They are in addition to up to £50m for a health monitoring programme over five years as well as ongoing air quality monitoring at the site

MPs warn on neglected and polluted UK soils

The government’s failure to protect Britain’s soils could put public health at risk and speed up climate change, according to MPs. The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) warns failing to prevent soil degradation could lead to increased flood risk, lower food security and greater carbon emissions. Soil is said to be a “massive carbon sink, storing […]

Compensation due after UK water health scare

Households in Lancashire affected by a bug in their water supply will get compensation from United Utilities. A spokesperson from the company told ELN: “We will be writing to all our customers with details of compensation after the water supply is back to normal.” Routine tests at Franklaw Water Treatment Works in Preston detected traces […]

Water wells near shale gas drilling at “higher risk”

A study in the United States has found people living near shale gas wells are at “higher risk” of contaminated drinking water. Shale gas exploration has sparked a huge industry in North America and is predicted to make the US a net exporter of gas in a decade. The industry has written off footage showing […]