EIB launches $500m Canadian green bond

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has issued a new $500 million (£248m) green bond in Canadian Dollars. The transaction takes the total investment in the Climate Awareness Bond (CAB) to €10.8 billion (£7.7bn) across 11 currencies. CABs provide investors with the opportunity to invest in projects contributing to climate action. They will include renewable energy projects such […]

Undersupplied gas system – DMR

The gas system is undersupplied due to maintenance on the Interconnector (IUK), according to npower’s daily market report. The work is expected to last until 25th June, which has currently reduced European demand following high exports. The gas linepack is 29mcm short and storage sites have increased injection nominations to 31.2mcm. Alex Guiot from npower’s […]

Pound weakens on election day – DMR

The pound has weakened against major currencies due to the “unpredictable election”, according to npower’s daily market report. Client Portfolio Manager Alex Guiot said: “The GBP is weakening against major currencies as UK votes in most unpredictable election in decades.” The pound is currently worth around €1.33. Mr Guiot added: “We are likely to see […]

UK to introduce ‘greener’ plastic banknotes in 2016

Plastic banknotes which are believed to be more environmentally friendly than the current cotton paper currency are set to be issued in the UK in the next three years. The Bank of England made the announcement this week following a three year research programme and public consultation. The new polymer banknotes (pictured) will replace the […]

Cold snap pushes up gas and power prices

The recent bout of chilly weather has pushed near term power and gas prices higher, according to the weekly market report from npower. Sammy Blay, Client Portfolio Manager at npower’s optimisation desk said: “Weather was the main sentiment driver for near term power and gas prices as Arctic winds blew over the UK, sending temperatures […]

UK mulls switch to ‘cleaner and greener’ banknotes

The Bank of England is considering switching from paper to plastic banknotes, which is said to be more environmentally-friendly. Research conducted by the Bank for the last three years showed printing on polymer would bring more benefits compared to the cotton paper currency that have been in circulation for more than 300 years. Polymer banknotes […]

“All eyes” on Bank of England boss for effect on gas prices

“All eyes” will be on the new Governor of the Bank of England tomorrow morning in case he announces a new policy direction which could have a knock-on effect on gas prices, according to energy market experts. Whatever the Bank’s new Canadian boss Mark Carney announces during a press conference on inflation targets at 10.30am, […]

Blog: Will our AAA credit rating loss push up UK energy prices?

Triple A. No we’re not talking about a dodgy grease-haired boy band, the lesser-known cousin of that butch WWE wrestler or those annoyingly small batteries which you never have enough of to replace the ones in your telly remote. No, triple A or AAA is the top notch credit rating which the UK has, as […]