Head shot of Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark smiling
Greg Clark: Electricity trilemma is coming to an end

The business and energy secretary believes cheap power ‘is now green power’

Views sought on Helm review to cut energy costs

The government is calling on businesses, consumer groups, academics and other stakeholders to give their views on reducing energy costs in the UK. The call for evidence on matters the government should take into account when considering cutting the cost of energy in the long term follows the independent review launched by Professor Dieter Helm […]

‘Capacity crunch could be worse than people think’

The coming capacity crunch could be worse than people think, an Oxford University professor and government advisor has told the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Professor Dieter Helm warned the committee: “By 2015/2016 the capacity margin in this country will be very close to zero. In fact I’ve done some numbers which suggest in […]

‘Gas is the only answer to blackouts and truly evil coal’

Gas is the only thing that can save Britain from blackouts and the environmental damage of “truly evil” coal, the House of Lord Economics Affairs Committee was told yesterday. Dieter Helm, an Oxford Professor and economic advisor to the Energy Secretary, was there to give evidence on the potential impact of shale gas extraction in […]

Big Six behaviour is understandable says academic

The Big Six’s dominance in the UK electricity market is completely understandable, but it is the market conditions created for them that should face the flak instead. These were the words of Professor Dieter Helm. Professor Helm was critical of the market model that had created what many in industry accept as the stranglehold on […]