‘Oil and gas industry faces critical decision point’

The annual investment of $800 billion in the oil and gas sector currently exceeds the double amount needed by 2030 to align with a pathway restricting global warming to 1.5 °C, according to the International Energy Agency

UK to award North Sea oil and gas licences annually

The UK Government plans to award licences for North Sea oil and gas projects annually, with a focus on meeting net zero targets, while Greenpeace opposes these licences as “backward-facing”

262 windless days require extended gas reliance, says National Gas boss

The Chief Executive of National Gas, Jon Butterworth, has stressed the long term necessity of fossil fuels, especially gas, to prevent power blackouts in the UK

National Gas advances hydrogen network in Britain

National Gas has partnered with Jacobs and ERM for pre-FEED activities in a project designed to repurpose existing gas transmission infrastructure

Masdar launches utility-scale wind project in UAE

Masdar has launched the UAE’s first utility-scale wind project, featuring innovative low wind speed technology

Wind power triumphs: UK’s energy mix breezes past fossil fuels

Electricity production generated from fossil fuels reached its lowest point since the Covid pandemic, with carbon emissions dropping to a three-year low, according to a report

EU fossil generation hits rock bottom

EU’s fossil fuel power has plummeted to a historic low due to waning electricity demand, according to new research

UK gas price surge amid Australian LNG facility strike uncertainty

Wholesale gas prices in Dutch and British markets spike as strikes in Australian LNG plants await confirmation

Bulb Co-Founder’s battery venture secures £200m

Field, led by Bulb Energy’s Co-Founder Amit Gudka, has secured a £200 million investment from DIF Capital Partners to accelerate its battery energy storage projects

Renewables: 2024 poised to dethrone coal as world’s top electricity producer

Renewables’ share of global electricity generation will exceed one-third by 2024, according to the International Energy Agency