Can you hear lions roaring from the bins?

Waste, equivalent to the weight of 36 lions, was collected in Leicester Square during England v Scotland game

Gas and power prices up – DMR

Gas and power prices have been affected as a result of the euro strengthening. Tim Carter from npower’s optimisation desk told ELN: “This increases the amount of gas bought from the continent, which increases gas prices and in turn power prices too.” It follows European leaders giving Greece until the end of the week to […]

Norwegian gas flows return – DMR

Norwegian gas flows have returned as the one-day outage at Easington has ended, according to npower’s daily market report. The Langeled flows are nominated at 11mcm which is lower than pre-outage levels but higher than expected. Gemma Bruce from npower’s optimisation desk said: “We could see flows around this level until the end of other Norwegian […]

€17m granted for wave power research

The European Commission has granted €17million (£13m) in funding for wave power research. The five-year project called ‘Clean Energy from Ocean Waves’ (CEFOW) will look at testing and developing a wave energy converter. The test will be carried out at Wave Hub, the test centre in Cornwall and run by wave power developers Fortum. Heli […]

Gas demand forecast up – DMR

The forecast for gas demand has gone up as temperatures are expected to be lower. According to the daily market report from npower, last night’s forecast showed temperatures to be lower through the weekend and next week, with demand expected to rise by up to 20mcm on some days. The gas system is slightly down […]

Gains in UK power price “capped by weak euro”

UK power prices are being kept in check by a low price for the euro according to the daily market report from npower’s Optimisation Desk. Client Portfolio Manager Tom Matthews said: “The euro is weak against the pound, it’s about the only limiting factor today that’s putting some pressure on power and gas.” He added: […]

Temperature to drive short-term power and gas prices

Temperature will continue to drive power and gas prices in the short term, the latest market report suggests. The latest temperature forecast shows the UK should remain “in and around seasonal norms for the next week or so”, according to Ben Spry, Optimisation Desk Manager at npower. Last week however was a mixed week for […]

The Market Report – 14th January 2014

Find out about what’s influencing gas supply, power prices and what you should watch out for in this weekly update on the energy market from Ben Spry, Optimisation Desk Manager at npower. If you are blocked from seeing this video and would like your own download, please email [email protected]

European industry smacked ‘with €13bn energy costs’

European industrial energy buyers will be smacked with an extra €13billion (£11bn) on their energy bills over the next five years, it was claimed today. Rising wholesale prices will pile pressure onto firms already struggling with the euro crisis, growing oil prices and the “burden” of environmental legislation, suggests new research by EnergyQuote JHA. Countries […]

UK’s “stalled” green economy could slip further

The green economy which David Cameron declared would be crucial in leading the country out of recession has “stalled” and is in danger of slipping further behind, MPs warned today. On the day financial crisis in Europe looked even less likely to clear up with the prospect of Greece exiting the euro firmly on the […]