Lionesses make UK grid roar!

There was a spike of 800MW in demand which occurred across the UK during half-time

Big Zero Report 2022

England’s Lionesses stormed to the EURO 2022 Final at Wembley and managed to lift the trophy leading to spikes in UK electricity demand throughout the match.

National Grid Electricity System Operator recorded a ‘TV pick up’ of 800MW during half-time.

Known as ‘TV pick-up’, the spike in demand occurs when people boil kettles, turn the lights on and open fridge doors at the same time, often when a television programme has ended or during an advert break.

The system operator said this spike was equivalent to 40 million lightbulbs.

Last year, during the EURO 2020, the UK’s win over Germany caused a 1.6GW hike in demand. 

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