‘World’s oceans could be flooded with 1.5bn face masks by the end of 2020’

Oceans globally face an additional 4,680 to 6,240 tonnes of marine plastic pollution, fuelled by the use of single-use PPE

Climate-concerned US citizens ‘more likely to wear coronavirus masks and practice social distancing’

Climate-concerned adults are 24% more likely to always wear a mask in public spaces than those unconcerned with climate change, according to a survey

Chinese EV maker BYD builds ‘world’s biggest coronavirus face mask factory’

The company’s factory can also produce five million face masks and 300,000 bottles of hand sanitiser gels per day

Coronavirus face masks ‘could have a devastating effect on the environment’

Environmental group OceansAsia spoke to ELN about the masses of surgical masks they found on a beach near Hong Kong