Record prices across power and gas, but at what cost?

In this week’s UK energy market podcast episode, Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about record energy prices, why increases are unrelenting and which industries are most challenged.

UK and India announce $1.2bn green growth initiative

The Climate Finance Leadership Initiative India partnership has also been launched to mobilise private capital into sustainable infrastructure in India, including solar and wind power and other green technologies

Sustainable investments make up a third of all global assets

This is a 15% overall increase since 2018

‘The free market is crucial to tackling climate change, not green protectionism’

A new report claims free markets are essential to tackling climate change, as they enable free-flowing information and an increase in green technology and foreign investment in the UK’s low carbon economy

EU proposes voluntary European Green Bond Standard

It aims to set a ‘gold standard’ for how companies and public authorities can use green bonds to raise funds to finance investments and help reduce the risk of greenwashing

Danske banks ‘UK’s first’ carbon-neutral mortgage

It has committed to offset all emissions generated by its mortgages

Water bills forcing customers into hot water

Nearly 41% of customers are worried about money over the next six months, Ofwat new research shows

Nasdaq acquires carbon trading platform

The online trading platform has been developed by for offsetting credits to help companies slash emissions

‘UK banks responsible for 805m tonnes of emissions in 2019’

A new report claims that banks and investors have financed close to double the carbon emissions of the whole UK

All Homes to Have EPC rating of C by 2035: The Challenge

In this article, we explore just one part of the UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy – the push for all social housing to achieve C-rated Energy Performance Certificates by 2035.