Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan on fracking in the UK

ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan about the company’s plans to frack in Lancashire and what shale gas means for Britain.

Cuadrilla CEO – Regulators need to bust some shale gas myths

Regulators need to bust some of the myths surrounding shale gas extraction according to the boss of drilling firm Cuadrilla, who gave evidence to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Referring to the demonstrations at Balcombe, Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan (pictured) told the committee yesterday: “I’m sure you’ll be aware most of those protests […]

Cuadrilla pulls out of Lancashire fracking site

Cuadrilla has confirmed its decision to pull out of one of its potential fracking sites in Lancashire. The shale gas company said it has decided not to progress its planning at the Anna’s Road site near Westby – 12 minutes from Blackpool – due to “technical constraints related to wintering birds”. It will now be […]

UK shale gas reserves larger than expected

Shale gas reserves underground Lancashire could be much larger than expected. New surveys show there could be trillions more cubic feet of the unconventional gas between Wrexham and Blackpool in the west and Nottingham and Scarborough in the east. The news comes in the wake of Chancellor George Osborne’s reiteration that shale gas explorers in […]