Renewables are a ‘no-regrets’ insurance policy against UK’s nuclear gap

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit suggests wind and solar would be able to fill the gap created by nuclear facility closures and cancellations

World’s largest firms could save equivalent of Japan’s emissions

The world’s largest companies could save the equivalent of Japan’s annual CO2 emissions. Out of the biggest 800 companies globally, 363 fully disclosed their emissions data to ET Index Research. According to its new report, the least efficient half of the firms that disclosed the data could make the 1.4 billion tonnes of CO2 savings by increasing their efficiency […]

Top fashion brands call for a ‘strong’ deal at COP21

The bosses of seven top clothing companies, including H&M and Adidas, are calling for a “strong” deal in Paris to tackle climate change. In a joint letter, also signed by Burton Snowboards, Eileen Fisher, Levi Strauss, Gap and VF Corporation, they stated the effects of climate is “harming the world in which we operate”. “From the […]

Ed Davey announces £98m for renewables in Africa

Energy Secretary Ed Davey announced a £98 million programme to support renewable energy generation in Africa. He made the announcement today as he arrived in Doha for the second week of the UN climate talks. The fund will support the ‘Green Africa Power’ (GAP) initiative, which aims to attract private sector investment for green energy […]