UNEP and EU bank join forces to slash marine and coastal pollution

The €5m initiative aims to promote adequate water, wastewater, solid waste and industrial emissions management in the Southern Mediterranean region

Small island nations to slash marine pollution through $515m initiative

It will support island countries in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Indian and Pacific ocean regions to prevent the release of more than 185,000 metric tons of marine litter by 2027

Countries pledge record $5.25bn for Global Environment Facility

The funding will scale up efforts to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution

New $281m funding secured for urgent environmental action

It will support sustainable recovery from COVID-19, with a focus on climate change, marine biodiversity, e-mobility and green buildings in developing countries

New $7.1m forestry project to help nations meet climate change commitments

Efficient monitoring of and reporting on forests and land-use change is essential for tracking progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

New $450m initiative to help small island states fight pollution

It is expected to prevent the release of more than 23,000 metric tons of toxic chemicals and 185,000 metric tons of marine litter

Global nations commit $4bn to protect environment

The Global Environment Facility will protect the marine environment, including from plastic waste pollution

New framework to guide cities towards greener future

A new framework serving as a guide for cities seeking to enhance their sustainability has been launched. The World Bank and the Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) new ‘Urban Sustainability Framework’ (USF) aims to support cities along the green pathway, from creating a vision to identifying financial resources to implement their plans. It lays out six […]

Green investment initiative for developing nations

A new initiative to foster clean energy investment in developing countries has been launched at COP21 in Paris. The ‘Climate Aggregation Platform’ (CAP) is a multi-million dollar programme which aims to help build pipelines of standardised, low carbon energy assets and develop low cost sources of financing for them. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) […]