PM asked to intervene as green policies ‘axed or weakened’

UK green groups are urging the prime minister to intervene following 10 environmental policies being either “cancelled or watered down” in the first three months of the new government. These policies include support for renewable technologies and tax exemptions for low carbon vehicles, which have existed for more than a decade. They also include the part-privatisation of the Green […]

Government’s green policies driving up energy bills

Household energy bills will rise by £240 a year by the end of this decade, largely due to the cost of the Government’s green policies. Energy supplier npower has warned average gas and electricity bills are expected to rise from the current £1,247 figure to £1,487 by 2020, without taking into account inflation increases – […]

The Mega What?

Colin Calder, Founder & CEO of PassivSystems

UK coal left behind by Government policy

The UK coal industry, which accounts for a total yearly average of 30% of energy generation, is being dealt a bad hand by the Government, according to the Confederation of United Kingdom Coal Producers. Speaking to ELN yesterday, Director General of CoalPro, David Brewer said Coalition decisions were endangering the UK’s security of supply: “Coal […]