Scientists be-leaf fern could prove key to trapping carbon

Scientists say the Azolla filiculoides fern could be used as a carbon sink to help balance out the Earth’s atmosphere

Design studio sculpts green cups out of veg

CRÈME is using dried-out gourd to provide a compostable alternative to paper and plastic containers

CNG Fuels and Waitrose team up to showcase renewable biomethane

The clean gas firm has announced it is to open a refuelling station in Northampton

First certified solar bond lands in Brazil

The bond will be used to finance distributed solar power projects across the country

Pret promises cutlery for the compost

The sandwich chain and cafe announced the move to limit plastic waste on Twitter

UK international green finance ‘has slashed global emissions by 10.4m tonnes’

This is approximately equivalent to the yearly emissions of 2.5 million cars

Home Depot hits 2020 energy goal three years early

The firm’s latest sustainability report shows it has cut its energy use by 23.5% since 2010

Somerset community energy group launches £4m solar bond

Burnham and Weston Energy will use the money raised to pay off loans for its 9.3MW community solar farm

Tesco checks supply chain receipt for carbon costs

The retailer is requesting more information about its suppliers through environmental non-profit CDP

New enzyme-based biofuel technology? Scientists break it down

Researchers at Imperial College London have enhanced the process of turning plant-based biomass into valuable products