Corbyn: ‘UK must stop passing the buck on climate change to poorer nations’

The Leader of the Labour Party has stressed the UK must measure the emissions from imports, as well as from production

Data centre goes green with solar and liquid immersion tech

The renewable energy-powered Goonhilly Data Centre aims to become an artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation hub

New partnership turns a latte of coffee cups into Hallmark cards

Paper mill James Cropper will supply responsibly-sourced paper pulp to the company to make a new line of green greetings cards

Unilever launches refillable bottles to make cleaning products even cleaner

The consumer goods giant’s new ‘ecorefill’ bottles aim to change how packaging is made, distributed, used and disposed of

It turns out food can be created from thin air after all…

That’s the bold claim from Solar Foods, which has created a new protein source made using carbon dioxide, water and electricity

‘Cross-party commission needed to agree climate emergency plans’

The Trades Union Congress has outlined how the transition to a low carbon economy can be reached while meeting the needs of workers

UK aid ‘must be nature positive and steer clear of fossil fuels’

The People and Nature campaign, a major cross-party campaign backed by 28 MPs, has launched in Parliament today

UK’s largest solar farm ‘could cover area of 900 football pitches’

The Sunnica Energy Farm has been proposed for construction on the border between West Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Could retrofitting lampposts with plants give Londoners some breathing space?

Scotscape, Greenwich University and Grosvenor believe it could – they are piloting the idea in Belgravia’s Ebury Street

UK’s finance sector ‘has bigger role to play than any other industry in going green’

That’s the call to action City Minister John Glen is to make when he speaks at the third Green Finance Summit in London later today