‘Voluntary approach to energy efficiency in buildings not working’

Global businesses say legislation is needed to drive change in the sector

Apple goes 100% green

The technology firm now gets all of its power from clean sources

Green Finance Taskforce: ‘Green policy overhaul needed to spur investment’

It says more funding is needed to develop environmental technology, infrastructure and services

McDonald’s fries towards sustainability

The fast food chain has committed to reducing its global emissions by 150 million metric tons before 2030

EBRD announces €150k funding for green solutions in Serbia

The money will help develop and implement innovative climate-friendly projects across the country

Contract awarded for Dutch gas plant’s hydrogen conversion

Vattenfall, Nuon, Statoil and Gasunie are to work together to turn the Magnum power plant in Groningen carbon-free

European cities ‘lead way on green buildings and climate disclosure’

European cities are leading decarbonisation through green building standards while counterparts in the US are more focused on efficiency and clean power initiatives

EU unveils new green finance strategy

The EU has proposed a range of measures to help gather the necessary green investment to finance the shift to a low carbon energy system

New living tyre rolls towards clean mobility

A new tyre partially made of moss could cut carbon emissions by photosynthesising on-the-go

LEGO goes green one brick at a time

  The leaves, bushes and trees in LEGO sets are now being made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane ethanol. The move comes as part of the toy maker’s commitment to transition to the use of sustainable materials in its core products and packaging by 2030. The new green pieces are made from polyethylene, a soft, […]