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How’s this for a scoop – Ben & Jerry’s put a freeze on single-use plastic

The global ice cream brand it will no longer offer plastic straws and spoons from early 2019

UK energy mix takes on a new flavour

Don’t feel guilty indulging this summer – the by-product of the ice cream you eat is being turned into biogas for the national grid. The world’s third largest ice cream manufacturer, R&R Ice Cream, sends waste sugar, fat and protein to an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility funded by Iona Capital and Veolia. There it’s converted […]

Yes Pecan! Ice cream powers plant

Ben & Jerry’s are using waste ice cream to create energy. The company uses an anaerobic digestion (AD) reactor dubbed ‘The Chunkinator’ to produce biogas from ice cream waste. The biogas is used in a battery to insulate water at the correct temperatures to produce more ice cream. It reduces the need for natural gas to heat the plant. The […]