Consumer group set to cut bills down under

Australians should have a new national consumer body solely focused on bringing down energy bills of ordinary families and avoid being captured by special interest groups. That’s the view of the Aussie energy industry. Matthew Warren, CEO of the Energy Supply Association of Australia (esaa) said the design of the new Consumer Challenge Panel launched […]

Coal-loving Australia opens new CCS research centre

A new research centre which will look at how to trap emissions from carbon heavy energy sources opens in Australia today. The Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Research Centre is sponsored by mining giant Rio Tinto with A$3million (£2m) over three years. The country relied on coal for nearly half of […]

Blog: Can public hatred of politicians be saved by singing MPs?

Has a singing politician Down Under set a ground-breaking precedent in 21st century politicking? There was one ray of light in the dust storm of disapproval felt by the Australian government this week after its controversial carbon tax came into effect. Protestors in Sydney poured their scorn on Aussie PM Julia Gillard – and her […]

PM congratulates Aussie carbon goals

Prime Minister David Cameron has written a letter to Australian premier Julia Gillard praising her efforts for introducing a carbon tax. The news comes as Australia’s neighbour, New Zealand, announced successful results of its Emission Trading Scheme. Mr Cameron wrote in the letter: “Securing international progress on climate change depends on making changes at home. […]