No investment in new oil and gas under Labour government, says Starmer

The leader of the Labour Party has proposed a global “clean power alliance”

REA hails the Labour energy plan

The UK’s largest renewable energy body has welcomed Keir Starmer’s commitment to backing green investment

CCC Chair says no chance of net zero without policy changes

The block on new onshore wind in England must be lifted, he stressed

Labour to lift barriers on new onshore wind farms

Keir Starmer has said a Labour government will lift planning barriers and will make the UK a “clean energy superpower”

Keir Starmer to set up a publicly owned energy company

Great British Energy will follow the example of energy companies in France and other countries

Business Secretary: “We must get every cubic inch of gas out of the North Sea”

During a BEIS meeting, Jacob Rees-Mogg reportedly told staff that domestic gas is “unquestionably more environmentally friendly” than imports

‘Who is going to pay for the energy bill freeze?’

Liz Truss has reiterated her opposition to a potential extension of a windfall tax on energy companies’ profits

What next Prime Minister?

Liz Truss has said the energy crisis is her top priority so what’s the industry want her to do?

Boris Johnson arrives in Saudi Arabia in bid to sever ties with Russian oil

The Prime Minister reportedly aims to persuade Gulf states to increase their own oil and gas production

Boris Johnson: “We need to encourage energy companies to go for more gas”

The Prime Minister said a windfall tax would deter investment in gas