Structuring your way to great energy management

Keith Beattie of Eli Lilly give his views to great energy management.

Keith Beattie Bio

Keith Beattie Energy & Environmental Sustainability Leader Eli Lilly and Company Limited Keith Beattie is a chartered manufacturing systems engineer and qualified European Energy Manager with experience in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, plastics, electronics & aerospace, Keith has been leading efficiency improvements in energy, waste & water management for Eli Lilly & Company […]

Energy Live Tour – Keeping Energy on the Corporate Agenda

On June 21st at 9.30 a.m. we will be bringing you David Medori from Home Retail (Argos, Homebase and Habitat), Keith Beattie from Eli Lilly, Nic Seuren from M&C Energy Group and Phil Dominy of Ernst & Young and they will help you ensure that you keep energy on the corporate agenda. Their talks are […]

Why you should get smart about meters

Why you should get smart about smart meters. Hear from energy users who have installed smart meters and ensured they got the most from them.

Smart meters: the UK’s advantage?

Keith Beattie of Eli Lilly explains how smart meters and government legislation could work to the UK’s advantage.