Blog: My meltdown of a New Year’s power plant resolution

I’ve always been known for being a tad over ambitious by friends, family, university tutors – the latter were admirably tolerant of my musical about robots. (It’ll be on the West End one day, mark my words…) But a pledge to visit as many power stations as I could in 2013 was possibly my most […]

E.ON posts 15% surge in half-year profits

E.ON has reported a 15% rise in profits for the first half of this year following a surge in gas and electricity prices during the winter. The energy firm increased prices by 8.7% for its dual fuel customers earlier this year, adding £110 to the average bill which rose to £1,370 a year. E.ON’s earnings […]

Lights off for Kingsnorth coal plant

It could keep on going for years but this coal plant has been forced to close. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis visits Kingsnorth on the east coast of England to find out why – and what hope there might be for the UK’s future energy supply.

Blog: Closing down a power station isn’t monkey business

Most people will never get the chance to do it but stepping foot inside the empty control room of a condemned power station is a strange experience. Like walking onto the film set of a Hollywood flick you’ve seen a hundred times – except this place has been used for real, for decades. Standing in […]

“Emotional” day as Kingsnorth coal plant officially closes

It was a sad and even emotional day for many workers at the Kingsnorth coal plant in Kent which officially closed today. After forty years of generating electricity, the 2,000MW plant – which pumped 1,940MW of that to the grid – has begun a two year-long decommissioning process which could lead to demolition. Energy supplier […]

“Reality dawns” as coal plant closes

The chief of E.ON UK said that “reality dawns” now for all in the energy sector as it closes its Kingsnorth coal power station to fall in line with EU rules on emissions. The power station stopped generating energy commercially at 3.10pm yesterday and will formally close by 31 March 2013 under the EU’s Large […]

E.ON mothballs Kent power station

Germany energy supplier E.ON is mothballing its oil-fired power station in Kent and plans to close the site by the last day of December this year. E.ON UK today announced the 33 year old oil-fired Grain-A power station will close three years earlier than first planned because of EU environmental regulations. The Grain-A plant, which […]

E.ON closing Kent coal plant

The Kent coal plant which was temporarily shut down by Greenpeace campaigners in a publicity stunt in 2008 will close for good next year. E.ON announced yesterday it is closing the coal-powered plant to fall in line with EU emissions rules. The Kingsnorth power station will go offline in March 2013 as set out by […]