£50m raised for ‘world’s largest’ tidal array in Scotland

The developer of a tidal array, which is claimed will be the largest in the world, has raised £50 million for the project. Atlantis Resources’ 398MW MeyGen project, which will include a total of up to 269 turbines, will generate enough electricity to power 175,000 homes. The company said it will start construction on first […]

DECC grants £20m for UK marine power

The UK Government has announced a £20 million fund to help drive growth in the nation’s marine energy industry. British firms MeyGen Ltd and Sea Generation Ltd will share the cash, which was awarded as part of the Government’s Marine Energy Array Demonstrator (MEAD) launched last year. It aims to support the development and testing […]

£10m energy challenge will see “renaissance” of skills

A £10 million prize launched yesterday to harness marine power in Scotland could make the country a world leader in renewable energy. The Saltire Prize competition, funded by the Scottish tax payer, will pit four private companies against each other to see who can generate the most power from the sea. The devices installed in […]