Micropower Council "morphs" into Sustainable Energy Association

The Micropower Council has rebranded itself the Sustainable Energy Association, a move it says reflects the link between energy efficiency, microgeneration and using low carbon energy in buildings. At a reception in the House of Commons on Monday, Baroness Maddock who sits on the SEA’s board said the new name “fits better what we’re about”. […]

Barker backs less ‘glamorous’ micro-CHP boilers

MPs are touting the “considerable potential” of micro Combined Heat & Power (CHP) to help homeowners save electricity and money. Last week in Parliament climate change minister Greg Barker said the less “glamorous” source of electricity and heat has a “far larger role” to play. Micro-CHP is a heating technology that generates heat and electricity […]

Government launches microgeneration consultation

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker yesterday launched the first stage of the government’s plans to create a mass market UK microgeneration industry. The government wants to build on the work already done via feed-in-tariffs to get homes, schools and businesses producing their own green electricity. The Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Act 2009 committed the […]