That’s the droid we’re looking for!

An ageing nuclear shelter in the Czech Republic has had one of its air vents transformed into R2D2. Prague.TV has reported a group of unknown graffiti artists in Prague painted the structure, which is one of two located in the capital’s Folimanka Park. The bunker was built during the Cold War as a refuge for local […]

Brussels and Prague face lawsuits over air pollution

Brussels and Prague are the latest cities facing legal challenges to tackle the pollution crisis. ClientEarth has launched legal action against the two cities for allegedly breaching EU air pollution laws. The cases aim to oblige governments to take robust measures “to bring pollution within legal limits as soon as possible”. The Brussels case is […]

US and Czech Republic’s joint nuclear centre in Prague

The US has joined forces with the Czech Republic and signed an agreement for a joint civil nuclear co-operation centre in Prague. It will facilitate joint programmes and support regional initiatives in the fields of nuclear energy and security and is part of the nations’ plans in expanding their energy collaboration. The news follows US […]