Urgent call for eco-friendly habits amidst escalating climate crisis

As the world grapples with soaring temperatures and environmental challenges, individuals are urged to adopt eco-friendly habits to address climate change

UK unveils recycling and waste regulation reforms

The UK government has announced stricter waste regulations to simplify collections and boost recycling rates

AI can help clean up our landfills, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Carling Spelhaug of AMP Robotics who tells us about the value of AI and robotics in recycling

Net Hero Podcast – Is Wall-E about to clean up?

Are AI powered sorting robots in recycling centres the first step to cleaning up the planet faster?

Derby AD plant upgraded for food waste processing

Severn Trent Green Power’s refurbished Derby AD facility is now prepared to process food waste, with upgraded capacity and treatment processes

Lego drops plan for bricks from recycled bottles

The toy manufacturer has abandoned its project to create bricks from recycled plastic bottles, citing concerns that it would result in higher carbon emissions compared to traditional oil-based plastic

Steel-ing the show: Recycled steel could meet 80% of future UK demand

Enhanced steel utilisation and recycling could cut steel product carbon footprint, potentially reducing embedded carbon by 14% and UK domestic steel industry emissions by 6% by 2030, according to a report

EU greenlights France’s €1.5bn aid to support innovative EV batteries

The measure will enable ProLogium Technology to develop a new generation of solid-state batteries

Councils urge ban on disposable vapes

Councils in England and Wales demand a ban on disposable vapes due to environmental risks

Thor wind farm goes green with recyclable rotor blades

Nearly 40 out of 72 turbines will be equipped with these recyclable blades with installation expected in 2026