Net Hero Podcast – Is Wall-E about to clean up?

Are AI powered sorting robots in recycling centres the first step to cleaning up the planet faster?

A little robot gets a personality, falls in love and saves the polluted world by repopulating plant life, cheered on by obese human blobs.

If you’ve never seen it do so, Wall-E is a pixar classic and a film I have loved watching with my kids (and without them) again and again. The premise is clear we need robots to show us the folly of treating the planet as a waste bin. Great fiction or is it?

This week on the net hero podcast I spoke to Carling Spelhaug from AMP Robotics. They are using AI powered droids to improve the efficiency of recycling centres by teaching robot grabbers how to collect a range of reusable products. It’s a way of working faster and more accurately, so is their robot Wall-E’s grandad and the start of what’s to come to help clean up our world?

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