Energy IT crowd fret over security of ‘Internet of Things’

A third of IT experts working in the energy sector “lack confidence” in the security of a new smart data trend known as the ‘Internet of Things’. The ‘Internet of Things’ is a new buzzword used for the growing network of ‘smart’ consumer objects in the home and office such as phones and printers meant […]

Brits admit leaving TV shows playing on gadgets for hours

Gadget-crazed Britons are absent-mindedly leaving energy-guzzling TVs and tablets switched on while not using them. A new survey found every Brit has three devices to watch home entertainment and half (55%) admit leaving them on for at least an hour and a half per day. Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON said: “Add that […]

Smartphones more appealing than efficiency measures

People who save money with energy efficiency measures would prefer to splash out on more gadgets or bank the cash rather than invest in making their homes greener, suggests a new survey out today. Only one in ten of 2,000 UK householders said that if they saved £400 with energy saving measures, they would reinvest […]