Industry responds to CCC progress report

MPs, trade associations and environmental groups stress that time is running out for realistic climate commitments

CCC warns journey to net zero is far from half-completed

The Climate Change Committee notes the government has been too slow to deliver on its climate promises

‘UK’s solar sector will double by 2030 – but to hit net zero it needs to triple’

The industry body claims 40GW of solar capacity must be in place by 2030 if the UK is to remain on target to reach net zero by 2050

London puts solar on the curriculum

Solar Energy UK and Mayor of London offer training and apprenticeships in solar technologies

Government urged to speed up grid decarbonisation

Nuclear Industry Association, RenewableUK and Solar Energy UK are calling for urgent action to build new wind, nuclear and solar capacity

Ofgem unveils plan for electricity retail market-wide half-hourly settlement

The new system is predicted to help consumers save between £1.6 billion and £4.5 billion by 2045

UK on track to deploy a GW of new solar capacity this year

The first quarter of 2021 saw the country installing nearly 175MW of new solar

Government urged to set 40GW solar target

Group of NGOs suggests a solar boost could bring a range of environmental benefits