UK breaks solar records with rooftop power surge

The UK has experienced a remarkable increase in rooftop solar power installations in 2023, surpassing the total installations for the entire previous year, new data shows

Industry reacts to UK’s ‘green policy U-turn’

Industry concerns are mounting as reports suggest potential changes to the UK government’s environmental commitments, with critics cautioning that such revisions could lead to higher energy bills

Energy bill crisis: Missed offshore wind contracts

An estimated £1 billion in energy savings is at risk following a government oversight in contract allocation for offshore wind projects, experts have warned

Concerns arise over UK’s regional energy pricing proposal

Trade associations RenewableUK, Scottish Renewables and Solar Energy UK have expressed reservations about the proposed “locational marginal pricing” scheme

Record-breaking year: UK homes go green with record solar panel boom

The UK has witnessed 62% surge in home heat pump and solar panel installations, according to a report

UK solar industry debunks heatwave myths: panels power on

Experts have hit back at heatwave panel failure claims, highlighting robust and efficient clean energy generation

Ofgem’s net zero mandate ‘could unlock billions for UK renewables’

The net zero mandate aims to foster a favourable climate for renewable energy decisions within the energy system

UK solar farms provide haven for wildlife, reveals national survey

Solar farms can support declining species and enhance pollinator populations, according to a report by Solar Energy UK

UK to unveil solar roadmap in 2024

The UK’s Solar Taskforce convened its first meeting to discuss the untapped potential of commercial sites, such as schools, warehouses and car parks, for solar power generation

Energy chief slams ‘grossly unacceptable’ solar project delays

The Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK has said solar projects with planning consent and finance ready can be made to wait for over a decade