Climate change ‘could cause suicide rates to soar by 2050’

Researchers say global warming could result in 40,000 additional suicides across Mexico and the US

Shopkeeper’s suicide after visit from energy debt collectors

A Bradford shopkeeper hanged himself moments after a visit from three debt collectors from British Gas. Anthony Waters, 48, had his power cut off when he was unable to pay in full a £5,000 energy bill. According to the Mirro, the distressed man warned the British Gas workmen: “I will hang myself.” Although he offered […]

Drought-Suicide link found in new study

Australian scientists claim droughts could significantly increase the risk of suicide. The researchers at the Australian National University looked at the possibility for the state of New South Wales in Australia between 1970 and 2007 and found the longer the drought drags on, the higher the risk of suicide. They claim around 9% of rural […]