Could Fortnite be the reason behind a collective £85.8m bill?

New research suggests the energy impact of children playing video games adds up to a staggering amount across the UK each year

Blog: YouTube GamerGran catches the energy mood…

Who do you associate video games with? Surely not the elderly? It’s the youngsters who pretend to save the world from all kinds of evil in their little fantasy world right? Well, that’s not the case this time. One such person, surprisingly, is a grandma (unlikely to be the sort to invite you in for […]

Grandma’s anti-British Gas rant in videogame

A grandma has vented her anger about rising energy prices with a violent killing spree – in a videogame. A YouTube user uploaded the video which has been viewed more than 339,000 times so far with a description saying: “Sorry about the language everyone but I got a letter from British Gas and I had […]