CorPower Ocean debuts commercial-scale wave energy converter

The new CorPower 4 device will form part of a four-system HiWave-5 project, off the coast of Aguçadoura in Portugal – creating what is claimed will be the world’s first grid-connected wave farms

US provides $27m funding to make waves using ocean energy

The projects aim to advance wave energy technologies towards commercial viability

Renewables ‘main driver for unprecedented change in energy supply’

The global energy landscape has changed in the past 15 years driven by an unexpected growth in the renewable energy market. That’s according to the World Energy Council (WEC) which said investment in clean technologies, installation of new green capacity and high growth rates in developing countries have contributed to the shift. Renewables have driven […]

Global demand for energy ‘to peak by 2030’

Global demand for energy per capita will peak before 2030. That would be due to due to the growth of new energy efficient technologies and the implementation of tougher policies from governments, said the World Energy Council (WEC). Demand for energy per person from 2030 would be slower, its report added. The WEC predicts electricity […]

Energy sector ‘attractive target for hackers’

Energy companies have seen a massive increase in the number of cyber-attacks in the past year. It is among the top concerns for energy leaders, especially in countries with high infrastructure maturity, mainly in North America and Europe, a report by the World Energy Council (WEC) states. It adds that’s due to the increase of interconnection […]

Energy systems ‘must be smarter, not just stronger’

The energy industry needs to manage the growing threats of extreme weather, cyber attacks and the energy-water-food nexus. The World Energy Council (WEC) states emerging physical, financial and virtual risks pose an even greater threat to the security and supply of energy. It believes the transformation of markets and business models, driven by climate change […]

Governments urged to remove trade barriers to meet green goals

Erasing barriers to trade and investment in the energy sector would help countries achieve their green goals. That’s according to the World Energy Council (WEC) which urged governments to tackle non-tariff measures (NTMs) to achieve the energy trilemma. It added, NTMs as a trade barrier, frequently relate to customs procedures and import requirements, technical standards and […]

World Energy Council: Five focus areas for low carbon transition

Policymakers across the globe must develop innovative investment policies and technologies to accelerate the low carbon energy transition. That’s the recommendation of the World Energy Council (WEC) in its new report which will be presented to ministers at the seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) in San Francisco today. It identifies five focus areas to drive […]

Key issues for world’s energy leaders? Innovation and low carbon transition

Innovation and the shift to a low carbon energy market are two of the biggest issues that the world’s energy leaders are facing. That’s according to the World Energy Council’s (WEC) annual survey which tracked the concerns of more than 100 CEOs, ministers and experts in the sector. The ‘2016 World Energy Issues Monitor’ stated […]

Shale gas is ‘changing global markets’

The growth of unconventional gas is expanding globally with major implications for markets and prices. That’s according to a report by the World Energy Council (WEC) which explains where and how fast shale revolution is taking place. It added despite an “uncertain price environment”, shale production is not only influencing the US market but also […]