New deal promises to bring wireless EV charging to UK streets

Connected Kerb has partnered with German induction technology specialist Magment to bring induction technologies to residential streets, car parks and taxi ranks

Government to select urban test-bed for 5G tech

It will test how the technology can make urban communities more safe, sustainable and efficient

Wireless electric bus charging hits Sweden

Some of Sweden’s electric buses are now being charged wirelessly. Electric buses and associated infrastructure in Sodertalje, near Stockholm, use inductive technology to make the recharging process quicker and easier. Vattenfall, Scania, SL, Södertälje Municipality and the Royal Institute of Technology collaborated on the project. The buses simply park over a hidden panel for seven minutes in […]

Wireless car charging for 2017

Are you tired of the current charging systems with their heavy cables for your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle (EVs)? Don’t worry, it looks like a wireless charging system may appear by 2017. According to a report charging posts without cables will be introduced in the EV market in two years. First, the technology will be […]

British retailer makes huge energy savings

British retailer Matalan has cut its energy usage by 18% by managing its consumption using a wireless technology. It installed the Building Energy Management System that controls and monitors a building’s lighting, heating and cooling in 155 stores, which helped the firm save more than £760,000 in its energy bills. Matalan plans to roll-out the […]

Wireless all-electric buses in Milton Keynes

A new range of wirelessly-charged electric buses are set to hit the roads in Milton Keynes next summer. Under an agreement signed yesterday, diesel buses on the number seven route will be replaced with eight electric ones. This is expected to cut around 500 tonnes of carbon emissions every year and help save between £12,000-£15,000. […]

BT awards £6.2m to energy-saving firm

Telecoms giant BT has awarded a major new contract to a company that saved them £6.2m last year through energy efficiency. WEMSInternational system manages the energy usage of a building’s operations including lighting, air conditioning and heating. The web-enabled system, which can be accessed via smartphone, delivers energy savings of 15-30%. The company will install […]